Code of Conduct

Respect the property and campsites of others at all times. Use common sense.

Respect the privacy of others. We have over 360 acres available. Unless you are invited to park close to another camper, please don’t.

Harassment or other threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

We do not welcome individuals or groups who promise or promote sexual activity.

Photography is allowed in main MC tent. Photos will be taken against walls and with permission only.

Please do not climb to the roof of an RV unclothed.

Always place a towel or its equivalent between you and any public surface.

Pets are not allowed in the social area of the Magic Circle.

Smoke outside of Magic Circle common areas, please.

Obey BLM rules regarding parking, trash removal, sewer and gray water, noise, pets, etc.

The Magic Circle is surrounded by textile campers. Please restrict nude activities to the Magic Circle.

The Magic Circle has NO AUTHORITY to enforce any rules, but complaints may be dealt with by local/state/federal authorities under BLM rules and/or Arizona criminal statutes.