Directions to the Magic Circle

From Quartzsite, go south on Hwy 95 towards Yuma, .3 miles past Mile Marker 102.

From the south (Yuma), go north on Hwy 95, .7 miles past Mile Marker 101.

Watch for La Posa South BLM-LTVA on the east side of Hwy 95.

Turn in there. East. Watch for speed bumps. Register and pay the BLM fee at the ranger station. Check your odometer. From the Gatehouse proceed generally southeast for 2.1 miles–the first mile of which is paved. At the end of the first mile, near the end of the pavement, you will find the water and dump stations and a dumpster cluster:  33° 36′ 49.0998″, -114° 12′ 15.12″ (33.613639, -114.204204). Continue on the dirt road approximately 1.4 mile. After approximately 1.1 miles you will see BLM marker 570 and an “N” sign. If you are driving an RV, DO NOT TURN HERE. You will have to go through deep washes to get to the tent. At 33° 35′ 50.802″, -114° 11′ 27.8844″ (33.597445, -114.191079) is BLM marker 568 and another “N” sign. This is the the second entrance to the Magic Circle that goes around two deep washes and then goes north to the Magic Circle tent and the campfire circle. Follow the “N” signs, and the arrows on them.
The Magic Circle tent and campfire circle:
33° 36′ 1.5114″, -114° 11′ 52.0434″ (33.600420, -114.197790).

You do not have to park near the tent and campfire circle. This is somewhat of a starting point. The Magic Circle consists of 320 acres. If you intent to be nude, please stay within the Magic Circle boundaries.

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