Here are some commonly asked question about the Magic Circle and Quartzsite:

Q. Are there medical services available?
A. There are a couple of clinics in Quartzsite that treat minor ailments, and there is a local ambulance and fire department that will respond to the MC.
Blythe, CA (20 miles) and Parker (35 miles) have emergency  rooms in their hospitals.

Q. Does the Magic Circle have cell phone service?
A. Yes, strong signals come in for Verizon, AT&T and other national phone services.

Q. Can you get local television signals out in the desert?
A. Yes, although some areas of the MC have stronger signals than others. “Local” is Phoenix or Yuma.

Q. Is there shopping locally available?
A. Quartzsite has three grocery stores and a hardware store. There are also dollar stores, and RV parts stores.

Q. How about propane?
A. Several propane dealers are available. The Pit Stop, north of I-10 on Hwy 95 has propane. Some RV parks also sell propane.

Q. Is the water at the BLM campground good drinking water?
A. It is potable water, safe for drinking.

Q. Can I get mail service in Quartzsite?
A. Yes, there is a post office in Quartzsite.

Q. What does it cost to camp in the Magic Circle?
A. You may do a day visit to areas within the LTVAs for no cost. If you plan to stay, the BLM currently charges $40 for a two-week permit or $180 for the entire season (September 15 – April 15). This permit covers access to sewer dump, water stations and trash receptacles.