General Information

Welcome to the Magic Circle!

The Magic Circle is an area designated by the BLM where naturists can enjoy camping nude. The Magic Circle is not a club. There are no memberships or fees; it is a community of nudists camping within this area, and has a tent, a storage trailer, and other items, as well as participants who volunteer their time.

This community has designated a steering/activities committee to organize activities. Some of our activities in the tent include breakfasts, dances, movies, yoga, Zumba, and crafts. There is usually a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas get together. Outside, you can enjoy the scenic hiking paths and trails.

The Committee has no authority outside of the tent, but does offer suggestions about how to get along within the community. The rules here are the BLM rules. The BLM has requested that we do not go on the roof of our RVs without clothes. The BLM has also requested that we stay well within the boundaries of our area when nude.

The Magic Circle is a clothing-optional area. Weather permitting, nude is always encouraged within the Magic Circle, especially within the tent. The tent, when needed, is heated to a temperature which most people would find comfortable in the nude for all events.

The Magic Circle welcomes people of all races, religions, political parties, or sexual preferences. Social conduct in the Magic Circle is the same as in mainstream society. Nudity should not change your social behavior. Public sexual activity is unacceptable here just as it is in everyday life.

There are no marked campsites. Camp anywhere you choose. We recommend you position the patio side of your RV to the south.

This community is funded only with your donations. Please be generous if you want to support continued functioning of the clubhouse tent and activities. Remember, all work done is by volunteers. If you have any suggestions or ideas for activities, please volunteer!

Join us in the clubhouse tent every day at 4:00 pm during the winter season for our Meet and Greet hour. We hope you enjoy the Magic Circle as much as we do!