It is easy to do a trip to Mexico from the Magic Circle, and the town of Algodones is an excellent destination. It is a border town, but unlike many border towns, it is clean and safe. In Algodones you can buy most prescription medications without a prescription at greatly reduced prices. The town has over 100 dental offices which provide services which range from simple cleanings to extensive repairs. Again, at prices that are much less that in the USA. There are many restaurants that serve great (surprise!) Mexican food. There are also a large number of liquor stores where you will find a range of products. You may bring back (duty free) 1 liter of liquor per person, per month.

From the Magic Circle, go south on US 95 to Yuma. Take I-8 west to California, and continue 6.5 miles. Exit at the “Q” casino – Algodones exit (exit 166), and go south. The local Indian tribe has a parking lot on the US side of the border where you can park for $6.00 for the day, or you can drive across the border. If you drive into Mexico, your US insurance does not cover liability in Mexico. To be safe, purchase Mexico insurance. At this time, getting into Mexico requires no documentation. You must have a passport or equivalent to return to the USA. Click HERE for passport, insurance, and other information. (The website contains good travel information, but it is from an insurance company. They are competitive, but you may find better Mexico insurance rates if you shop around).

Warning: it’s Illegal to Carry Firearms or Ammo into Mexico.